I missed updating after my last scan, so wanted to do a brief update now before I forget. All is well, and Ladybug is measuring 2 days ahead at the last scan. Heart rate was strong and all is well. I have been feeling movement for a while now, usually when I am laying down and its quiet. Bub always runs away from the doppler so I havent been able to get a long reading on the heartrate at home, but I can pick it up here and there. I am getting the feeeling that ladybug might not be a lady afterall. Just a feeling. And DH reckons if the morning sickness is anything to go by its totally a boy. Here are some pics from the scan. Baby was measuring 6.72cms at 12w4d. I had the NT scan done too, and it was good at 1.4mm. Combined with my age I have a 1/254 chance of DS. A regular 38 year old has a 1/60 chance apparently, so with the NT measurements, I have three times a better chance of bub not having DS. Next appointment we will do the quattro test. The hormone level blood test for chromosomal abnormalities like Downs, spina bifida and others. That is this Saturday at 15 weeks. My morning sickness is still around. The dry retching at smells is horrendous still, and I am vomitting a couple of times a week mainly from smells, but gagging a number of times a day. :( I do have a bit more energy now though than I did in the first trimester so that is good.

Ladybug has a heartbeat!!

We got to see our little ladybug today for the first time and we confirmed a beautiful heartbeat of 176bpm. The doc had a hard time finding the sac at first which had me terrified. He asked me to go empty my full bladder and then after that he took another look and there she was!!! Apparently it has implanted high in the uterus and this with the full bladder made it a little tricky to find and get a clear picture. But we saw and heard the heartbeat no problem. My next appointment is not for another month!! And my doc said I can go and get my mother baby book from the city hall. He was really positive and said it looks like we have nothing to worry about but I was a bit freaked out when he couldn’t find it at first. I cried when I heard the heartbeat! Such an amazing sound! Here are some pics of today’s scan.






My big girl

She loves the rain! She loves dancing in the rain. She wants to wear her rain boots even on sunny days. And she is so in love with her pink polka dot umbrella she is incapable of holding it over her head cos she likes to look at the top of it. My mind boggles at where all her energy comes from. Seriously she never stops jumping, skipping, dancing and hopping. I love how full of life she is and how she makes me stop and smell the roses! What a blessing she is in our lives! Our beautiful girl is 2 years 5 months today.


I went in for my first scan today. As expected it was a bit too early to confirm a heartbeat or anything much. Doc confirmed gestational sac in right place and size was spot on for 5w 6d so he said it looks good. I am a bit disappointed as he didn’t even try to see inside the sac, but I guess it really is too early to see anything anyway. I got a nice surprise though. His fee is discounted for second timers, so that’s a bit of a relief. I love my doc. He made me feel so comfortable and he was so reassuring. Feel a bit better but will feel a heap better when we confirm heartbeat in 2 weeks! Next appointment is the 28th.


In the week after my first positive test my test results continued to darken and so that was reassuring too. And the morning sickness has well and truly kicked in. I pretty much feel nauseous all the time and do that lovely dry retching thing to smell aversions. It’s charming and way more intense than the morning sickness I had with Mio. I am also exhausted. I am in bed by 9:30 every night and some days need to have a nanna nap in the afternoons. Here is a pic of some of the early tests I did in that first week.

I am feeling pretty good that everything is progressing as it should. No more cramping and no spotting either like i had at the beginning with Mio. The next two weeks can’t go by fast enough for me though. I should be 8 weeks by then and our little ladybug should be looking like a little human baby by then! Can’t wait but still sending up prayers and sticky vibes!!

Anyone still out there?

I don’t know if anyone is still out there reading, but I am coming back from a long blogging absence to ask a favour. Once again, I am asking you to send sticky vibes and prayers for our newest little baby Nemo!!! After two months of trying, and the first month of actually getting our timing right, we got a positive pregnancy test this morning! We are feeling so blessed and absolutely over the moon! I had such a perfect textbook pregnancy last time, I am a little bit worried about the odds of that happening again. Still super early, so we dont even know if this is viable, but I am hoping that all the sticky vibes and prayers will help bring our newest little baby Nemo into our arms sometime around late January 2014.
Baby Nemo 2

Mio meets the animals!

Here’s a scrapbook of our latest adventure!

I’m TWO!

Click here to see an album of my 2nd birthday celebrations!

Mama says she’s gonna write a proper post real soon!

<3 Mio


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